What's New

What's New

The Colorado Developmental Disabilities Council urges the Governor to include people with intellectual and developmental disabilities as an explicit high-risk medical condition, prioritized within Phase 1B. To view the Case for Prioritizing Coloradoans with IDD for the COVID-19 Vaccine click here.


A Statement of Solidarity Following the Death of George Floyd


In June 2020, following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, the Colorado Developmental Disabilities Council committed to action. Learn more  


 COVID-19, Coronavirus Information for Colorado Citizens with Developmental Disabilities 

Primary information:

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention site is the primary resource on the rapidly changing COVID-19 pandemic for United States citizens.

Communicating with self-advocates:

Plain-Language Information on Coronavirus This 8-page informational brochure on COVID-19 uses pictures and icons to explain coronavirus prevention, symptoms and coping strategies in plain language.  Many thanks to SARTAC (The Self-Advocacy Resource and Technical Assistance Center) and Green Mountain Self-Advocates!

Plain-Language Information on Coronavirus (Spanish)​ This document is the same as the above in Spanish.

COVID-19 Picture Communication Board​ - This printable CU Center for Inclusive Design communication board includes two pages of COVID-19-related icons for people who use alternative communication modes.

Education Resources:  

COVID-19 Information and Resources for Schools and School Personnel​ This U.S. Department of Education site provides information, resources and technical assistance on local school response to COVID-19.

OSEP COVID-19 - Serving Children with Disabilities 3.21.20​ This fact sheet from the U.S. Department of Education confirms that distance learning strategies must be provided to students with disabilities consistent with our right to a free and appropriate public education.

Disability and Colorado-Specific Information:

ACL COVID-19 Resources for People with Disabilities  This federal site by the Administration on Community Living provides what "older adults and people with disabilities need to know" about COVID-19.

CCDC COVID-19 Page This site, updated frequently by our friends at the Colorado Cross Disability Coalition, includes Q&A, myth debunking, resources like emergency food , blog posts and ways to stay connected during this time of social distancing! 

Developmental Disability Day Service Modifications This page, produced by the Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing, describes how the delivery options for day services have changed to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

CO Services for People with Developmental Disabilities COVID-19 Response Presentation 3.20.20 This recent presentation by the Colorado Office of Community Living and in conjunction with the Colorado Cross Disability Coalition, provides information on how the state is modifying services for people with developmental disabilities in response to COVID-19.

Colorado Medicaid's COVID Response This site has important information for Colorado citizens accessing Medicaid and how services are being responsive to needs the COVID-19 pandemic.

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment This site provides the latest, up to date information on statewide efforts and data related to the COVID-19 virus in Colorado.

Developmental Disabilities Service Modifications in Response to COVID-19 3.24.20 This memo describes service definition modifications that allow for "virtual visits" instead of face to face services.  For instance, the service definition for Supported Community Connections now includes, "Supported Community Connections may be provided in the home or an alternative location, with minimal community integration. Providers may also utilize telephone or video conferencing methods, where appropriate, to provide services." 


Supported Decision Making Educational Resource

The CO DD Council is pleased to announce the release of a new educational resource on supported decision-making:  Supporting Individuals with Disabilities to Take Charge of Their Lives:  Self-Determination and Supported Decision-Making.

This resource was developed for self-advocates and family members and is available in English and Spanish, PDF and Word versions. A highlight of the resource is a section exploring supports for decision-making.

The Colorado DD Council would like to thank the Wisconsin and Missouri DD Councils for the generous use of their Supported Decision-making resources. We would also like to thank Jonathon Martinis for his support and Caroline Glenn and Jenny Hatch for sharing their stories.

The resource can be found here


El Consejo DD de CO se complace en anunciar la publicación del nuevo recurso educacional sobre el apoyo en la toma de decisiones: Apoyando a las personas con discapacidades para que puedan hacerse cargo de sus vidas: Autodeterminación y apoyo en la toma de decisiones.

Este recurso fue desarrollado para los autodefensores y familiares, y está disponible en inglés y en español, en versiones PDF y Word. Una parte destacada del recurso es la sección dónde se exploran los apoyos en la toma de decisiones.

El Consejo DD de CO desea agradecer a los Consejos de Wisconsin y Missouri por permitirnos la amplia utilización de sus recursos de Apoyo en la toma de decisiones. También deseamos agradecer a Jonathon Martinis por su apoyo, y a Caroline Glenn y Jenny Hatch por compartir sus experiencias.

Puede encontrar este recurso en el sitio web