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 The 2016 Dan B. Davidson Award Recipients:

Ellie Valdez Honeyman Excellence in Inclusion in Education Award went to: 

Karie Armstrong, Director of Costume Design for the Drama Department at Poudre High School in Fort Collins. Kari connects with students who are not necessarily engaged with school and invites them to join the group, drawing out students to design, sew, paint, and do a range of things they had never done before. Imagination is high and students are drawn like magnets to the activities. Kari finds a gift in all students as well as the perfect fit for that gift in school productions.

Clarence Miller Excellence in Inclusion in Employment Award went to: 

Marilee Boylan for her work on the passage of S.B. 77/Employment First. Since becoming the director of the Arc of Larimer County, Marilee has been working to increase the number of individuals with disabilities who are employed through the Everybody Works initiative. Marilee showed a strong committment to the passage of the bill as well as to seeing that individuals with disabilities experience real jobs, in real places, with real pay, and benefits.  

Larry Ruiz Excellence in Inclusion Community Awards went to: 

Brecken Fenwick, a host home provider who took a job as a respite provider in for a home in Erie for three men in 2015 and was appalled at what she found. She chose not to take the easy path regarding reporting the abuse and neglect she found even though it adversity could be an outcome. Brecken followed her conscience to bring three men to freedom from the abuse and neglect they endured for ten long years. We are all grateful for her courage.

Shari Repinski, has had many roles in her career serving children and adults living with intellectual disabilities, most recently as the Director of Rocky Mountain Human Services. In her current role, she held on to her values and righted the ship that is RMHS so that it could stay the course and promote the rights and  inclusion of those receiving services. In a politically charged atmosphere, Shari focuses on accountability and transparency and sees that necessary improvements are no longer delayed.

Sargent Damon Vaz and the Aurora Police Special Victims Unit, are taking the lead in Colorado in implementing S.B. 109, which mandates the reporting of all crimes against citizens with I/DD. The Unit initially worked with abused elders, but Sgt. Vaz quickly noticed that ALL groups should be included and expanded before the mandated implementation of S.B. 109. People with I/DD will be better empowered to connect in their communities with the "Protect and Serve" motto being implemented by the Aurora Police Department. 

Aspen Noise is a choir group that gets together weekly for practices and eventually performs throughout the Roaring Fork Valley, coordinating with other musical groups for local talent, guitar, and piano, to perform. The choir is very diverse in that there is a range of ages included as well as disabilities and all are welcome. Choir Director, Barbara Bloesma's work has truly made a difference in the community to open people's hearts and minds to the true meaning of community and full inclusion. 

 The 2015 Dan B. Davidson Award recipients included:

The Larry Ruiz Excellence in Inclusion in Community Award went to:

Jeremy Meyer, writer for the Denver Post, and parent of a child with a disability.

The Ellie Valdez Honeyman Excellence in Inclusion in Education Awards went to:   

Jen Bryner, an educator and theater director at Prairie High School in Henderson, CO and

Chatfield High School football program.  

The 2014 Dan B. Davidson Recipients included:

Larry Ruiz Excellence In Inclusion in the Community Award went to:

  • Kappa Kappa Gamma and Susan Anderson, of Boulder
  • El Grupo Vida and Maria Castillo of Denver

Ellie Valdez Honeyman Excellence in Inclusion in Education Award went to:

  •  Patricia Stahl, Louisville Elementary School
  • Jason Marsh, Sewald Child Developmental  Center

Clarence Miller Excellence in Inclusion in Employment Award went to:

  • Habitat for Humanity-Roaring Fork
  • Wells Fargo Bank, Boulder