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The annual Dan B. Davidson Awards recognize examples of inclusion of people with disabilities, and honor Dan Davidson, who died in 1996 at the age of forty-one. Defying the odds and ignoring the advice of those who said he could not do it, Davidson followed his dream of living independently in his community.  To celebrate his spirit and his memory, the Developmental Disabilities Council recognizes individuals and organizations that have demonstrated visionary practices providing exemplary supports for people with disabilities leading to meaningful lives in their neighborhoods and their communities.

The Council annual seeks nominations for awards to be given to individuals, agencies, or organizations that have demonstrated visionary practices providing exemplary services and supports for people with disabilities that lead to inclusion as active and valued members of their communities. The Council will recognize outstanding examples of inclusion in the following categories:

  • Education;
  • Employment; and
  • Community Life

Winners in each category for awards received their award honoring their efforts along with a $500 honorarium and were recognized at the Council's annual celebration annually in July.  

 The 2017 Dan B. Davidson Recipients:

Sheryle Hutter for her work at the Cross Disability Coalition on the development and implementation of a training curriculum for advocates in thee disabiility community.  sheryle worked tirelessly for many years to get the training organized as well as participants having the ability to obtain credit through Denver University for taking the classes.  Classes are both online and in person.

ADAPT/Dawn Russell were awarded for their work in trying to stop cuts to Medicaid as well as organizing outside Cory Gardner's office and in D.C.  ADAPT has been very influential nationally on impacting the right to community living including public transportation.  Their work in Denver since 1978 has been stellar and strong. 

Dr. Ann Guillies, PhD is a professor at Mesa University in Grand Junction and demonstrates her beliefs via her practices in the classroom in which she includes individuals with disabilities as members along with other students.  She is a strong believer in inclusive education and lives her values.

Christ Church United Methodist Church/Denver choir has been very welcoming of an individual who lives with disabiilities and wanted to be a member of the choir.  The diversity and hospitality within the church community is very worthy of recognition.

Avani Dilger of Natural Highs in Boulder wins the award for being totally inclusive in the members that join the group.  The mission of the group is to prevent engagement with alcohol and other substances, by peer supports and friendship.

Kiera Trinder is a great connector of individuals with disabilities and individuals who are in the community, in this case the UNC in Greeley.  Kiera connected someone who knew through her work at the Greeley Center for Independence with contacts at UNC.  The people she connected were both interested in creative writing and are now sharing ideas and thoughts around their common interest.  

Congrats to all for their strong committment to inclusion and strong actions on both the policy front and the individual advocacy front.  Work well done! 

Dan B. Davidson Award Archive 2016 - 2014