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SibsCorner: What I Learned When my Brother Joined the Workforce

By Erin Coleman

If I had to describe my brother in one word, the word would be “unpredictable.” If you gave me two words, I would say he’s “a character.” He’s spontaneous, gregarious, and charismatic – sometimes I wonder if we’re really related.

He has a certain charm that made all three of his employers immediately agreeable to taking him on as a volunteer; and later, along with his proven dedication, convinced two to give him a paid position.

But, let me be clear, I wouldn’t have called his unpredictability click here to read more


By Marcia Tewell, Executive Director of the CO Developmental Disabilities Council

The recent news about the financial woes and audit of Rocky Mountain Human Services will hopefully not go unheeded to those who are interested in tipping the balance between the use of public dollars to the intended purpose and changing systems so that they support people with disabilities first, rather than the provider industry and lobby.  The brochure was indeed better than the program. A multi-million shortfall exists as well as $679,000 overage in administrative fees from the mill click here to read more