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“No Longer Alone: The Power of Sibling Support at the National Sibling Leadership Conference”

Mandy - Churchill DownsContributed by Mandy Kent.

Up until a year and a half ago I was completely unaware that groups of siblings formally met to provide support and share their experiences of having a brother or sister with special needs. Sure, I knew my sister and I weren’t the only people on the planet with a brother with a disability, but why would I assume there was support and camaraderie out there click here to read more

Transition to Employment for Young Adults with Disabilities: What We (as Parents and Community Supporters) Can Do to Ensure Success

By: Mary Hartley on May 28, 2015

What can we do? As parents, we’ve learned there are no guarantees and no magic solutions that work for everyone. However, we’ve also learned that certain factors in the process, like becoming well educated in IEPs, advocacy and connecting with the right parents, administrators and teachers, finding the right insurances, doctors, medications, therapists, social experiences and summer camps, make our children’s odds better. As our children head into the next phase of their lives, young adulthood, many of us are asking how can click here to read more