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Public Transportation–Another Option to Consider

Photo of Susan UngerContributed by Susan Unger, Via Mobility Travel Training Coordinator

It’s important for all people to be able to go to the places that are important to them: a friend’s house, the movies, a job, the store, a recreation center or park. Besides family members providing rides, many individuals with disabilities use one of the many para transit, or on-demand, transportation services available in their community. Another affordable, convenient and reliable click here to read more

Ladders of Opportunity: Helping All People Climb on Board

kmartinez by KATHY MARTINEZ , Assistant Secretary of Labor for Disability Employment Policy on AUGUST 29, 2014 ·

Like all employees, I rely on a number of things to do my job well. Depending on the day, these might include technology tools, credible information and data, and collaboration with colleagues, to name just a few. But there is one thing I use every day, something without which my current employment would not be click here to read more