Accommodations, For Better or Worse

The creation of accommodations for people with disabilities is full of a wide range of possibilities, depending on the creativity of the team as well as that of the individual involved or the agency or corporation that creates accommodations for the general public.  The following are examples of what happens when either creativity or logic have evaded the creator.  Please send in more examples!

An unnamed fast food restaurant, after being sued for hot coffee in the lap, created a coffee lid with Braille on it that read, “Hot, do not touch.”

The owner of a restaurant balked at the need for a ramp to enter his business stated, “There are no people with disabilities who ever frequent my restaurant.”  Wonder why?

As I queried others for examples, I got the same response as above, “There are no people with disabilities here,”  for a number of locations including the state Capitol!

A second grade teacher welcomed a student with an IEP into the classroom and advised the young student to just let her know when he did not understand something, and everything would be OK. How do we know what we don’t know? This too is an example of a bad accommodation.

Please send in your favorite examples and we can provide an update for future blogs.

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