Jessica Howard on Leadership Development

Jessica Howard on Leadership Development

By Marcia Tewell

The Colorado Developmental Disabilities Council funds local leadership development grants that take many forms and have a wide range of participants and locations statewide.  The purpose of the grants is to give participants a skills and values base that allows them to advocate in policy areas for system change that will promote the values of inclusion and social justice as well as question the status quo.  Currently the D. D. Council funds a project at Sewall Developmental Center in Denver.  click here to read more

Disability Servitude: From Peonage to Poverty

By Ruthie-Marie Beckwith Review by Marcia Tewell

The Council has recently added this book to our library – a lending library, so please let us know if you are interested in borrowing the book. Disability Servitude has many amazing insights that only come to be realized once the historical context is in place and patterns of inequity and poverty can be seen over long stretches of time. The concept of volunteerism and individuals with disabilities, once the book’s concepts are realized, is clearly yet another mask under which to click here to read more

The U.S. Does Not *Get* What Sweden *Gets* by Marcia Tewell

A recent trip to Sweden allowed me to do a cursory comparison of cultural issues, in part based on my interest around equity and inclusion in education/society. Integration seems to occur more frequently and naturally in Sweden, of course, not without challenges.

Sweden manifests economic equity by:

• Differential in pay between a CEO/Director and lowest paid staff is reasonable, the majority of citizens are middle class, educators and other public servants are respected and paid well, • Human rights include second generation immigrants with professional jobs, 14% of the click here to read more

My College Experience (So Far!)

“Hello! My name is Ashley Harvie and I am attending Metro State College. I know the campus now from bottom to the top. It really  help me become more independent from riding the train there with Mason and Alan. I find out about the inclusive program from Cathi when I stop going to High Pointe Center. There was a meeting for people with disability to get the experience of a real college.

Then I am riding the train by myself. It is fun taking real college classes except there is click here to read more

CO DD Council Hosts Supported Decision-Making Event

By Marcia Tewell Quote from a participant in the presentation: I cannot thank the Developmental Disability Council enough. My world is very challenging and bringing these resources – such as Mr. Martinis – to Colorado has made all the difference in helping our lives be more live-able. I think your work is a blessing. — Dr. L.

The Developmental Disabilities Council was pleased to host Jonathan Martinis JD of the D.C. Quality Trust regarding supported decision-making (SDM), which is a way of thinking/acting that can avoid guardianship. It is a click here to read more

My Experience with the Inclusive Higher Education Certificate Program

By: Mason Billingsley

The Inclusive Higher Education Certificate Program is a very good program. It’s actually way better than the Douglas County school district bridge program.

It has very nice teachers, staff and student mentors. I enjoy the classes I am doing. I’m doing an online business management class. It’s a series of online videos (very interesting). I am also doing a Self-Advocacy class as well, along with a Learning How to Learn class. I enjoy being in the college environment. For transportation I take the light rail down to click here to read more

SibsCorner: What I Learned When my Brother Joined the Workforce

By Erin Coleman

If I had to describe my brother in one word, the word would be “unpredictable.” If you gave me two words, I would say he’s “a character.” He’s spontaneous, gregarious, and charismatic – sometimes I wonder if we’re really related.

He has a certain charm that made all three of his employers immediately agreeable to taking him on as a volunteer; and later, along with his proven dedication, convinced two to give him a paid position.

But, let me be clear, I wouldn’t have called his unpredictability click here to read more


By Marcia Tewell, Executive Director of the CO Developmental Disabilities Council

The recent news about the financial woes and audit of Rocky Mountain Human Services will hopefully not go unheeded to those who are interested in tipping the balance between the use of public dollars to the intended purpose and changing systems so that they support people with disabilities first, rather than the provider industry and lobby.  The brochure was indeed better than the program. A multi-million shortfall exists as well as $679,000 overage in administrative fees from the mill click here to read more

Hi! I’m Alan and I am Going to College!

Hi I’m Alan and I am going to College! I go to Metro State University. May 2015 I got a scholarship from the John Lynch/Anna Sie and John J. Sie Global Down Syndrome Foundation. John Lynch Salute the Stars 2015 Global Down Syndrome Foundation Scholarship to help pay for college at Metro University. John Lynch’s Salute the Stars is designed to honor student-athletes, including some with special needs, from the Denver and greater Colorado areas. It is the Lynch’s intention to recognize what is ‘right’ with our youth today. The click here to read more

From The Outside Looking In – Next Installment of Sib Corner

By Anuska Ullal

Imagine you are in a room full of people who are talking, laughing, and having a great time. It looks like fun and you want to join in. You open your mouth to say something but can’t think of the right words. Nothing comes out. You’re stuck. You try again the next day with the same result. You can’t figure out how to participate so you sit back, watching and hoping that someone will acknowledge you. Day after day you walk through the world confused as to click here to read more