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I have worked with folks with disabilities for as long as I can remember and been the E.D. of the Council since 2000.  I am pleased to have been exposed to some great best practices (and some not so great).  I lived in a L'Arche community in Syracuse, NY, worked at one of the first inclusive preschools, Jowonio School, also in Syracuse.  I had the pleasure of being exposed to great thinkers at Syracuse University.  This interest also took me to look at best practices and public policy in Sweden , aka nirvana.  I have always had the pleasure of working for organizations that are mission driven.  All groups that I have worked with do not support special people going special places on special transportation to do special activities.  Life has never been dull as a result.   Kids?  Conor is busy renovating houses locally and Eamon is a hipster reference librarian at Long Island University in Brooklyn.  They are great.

Sue believes that her first teacher about living well with a disability was her best--her older brother who lives a life of his choosing in his community. This relationship has profoundly influenced her life, leading her to work professionally with people living with disabilities and their families for over 30 years. This work has honed Sue's keen sense of inclusion and advocacy. Sue has recently taken the Council Planner position as a result of the retirement of Marna Ares. Sue looks forward to continuing her service in collaboration with other council members committed to improving the lives of Colorado citizens living and working with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

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Mackenzie, originally from Cleveland, Ohio has been in Colorado for the past 38 years.  He earned his degree in Accounting from Metropolitan State University.  He is the Council's Fiscal Manager, all incoming correspondence with numbers finds its way to his desk.  Before coming to the Council he worked for the State Auditor's Office.  Mackenzie gets a break from the exacting requirements of accounting by gardening and quilt-making.


Seth comes to the Council with a diverse background in a number of fields.  After serving honorably in the US Navy, Seth pursued a career in the automotive field and worked his way from a mechanic to a Fleet Supervisor in charge of maintenance of a 35,000 unit rental truck fleet.  Unfortunately, a combination of a difficult economy and a physical disability forced Seth to change direction, so he returned to school and earned degrees in Paralegal Studies, Political Science and Economics from the University of Colorado at Denver.  His first position in State government was as a tax collector but he felt that he was better suited for a position that was more directly related to legislative action and so joined the Colorado DD Council.  He hopes to aid in creating more open and inclusive communities by bringing in new perspectives and attention to administrative detail to Council operations.