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The Council's committees reflect our charge to create system change via advocacy in policy and innovative grant-making.  The Council is led by a  2017 - 2021 Five Year Plan including three goals and respective objectives contained in the Plan. All of our work is based on inclusion and participation in ordinary life by individuals who have not historically been included, be it in schools, recreation, work, or living situations.  

Committees currently in place include Executive, Legislative and Public Policy, and Planning and Grants. The committees' chairpersons are Council members, but community members are invited to participate in all committee meetings and join the Legislative and Public Policy and Planning and Grants committees.

Call or email the Council office if you are interested in joining one of the Council's committees.

Phone: 303-866-9763 Fax: 720-941-8490 or

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee meets on the third Wednesday of every month from 1:00 - 3:00 PM at the Council office. The Committee is elected by the full Council and is comprised of the Chairpersons of the Council's two other committees, the Council-elected positions of Chair and Vice-chair, as well as two at-large positions filled by Council members. This Committee is not open to membership from the public--however, the public is welcome to attend meetings.

The Executive Committee oversees the Executive Director of the Council, the structure of the Council, and due to the make-up of its membership, is able to oversee all of the work of the Council.  

(Acting) Chair:  Jeanette Cordova

Legislative and Public Policy Committee 

During the months the legislature is in session (January through May), the Legislative and Public Policy Committee meets twice a month in Meeting Room B, at the Legislative Services Building, 200 E 14th Ave., Denver, CO. On the first Tuesday, the Committee meets from 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM; on the third Tuesday, the Committee meets from 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM. When the legislature is not in session, the Committee meets on the third Tuesday from 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM at the Council offices.

The Legislative and Public Policy Committee guides the Council by actualizing the Council's vision to establish and implement public policy which will further the independence, productivity, and integration of people with developmental disabilities by effecting positive system change. The Committee is guided in its work by the 2017 - 2021 Five Year Plan. Members of the public are welcome to visit during committee meetings and are encouraged to eventually join the committee as voting members. Activities of the Committee include federal and state policy education and analysis, legislation and policy position determination and direct action including providing bill testimony, and writing, phoning, and/or meeting with state and federal legislators.  

Chair:  Hal Wright 

Planning and Grants Committee

The Planning and Grants Committee meets the first Monday of the Month from 1:00 - 3:00 PM at the Council offices. 

The Planning and Grants Committee oversees the development and implementation of the Council's  current Five Year Plan , ensuring all activities further the independence, productivity, and integration of people with developmental disabilities into the community. The Committee is guided by all of the goals and objectives of the Council's 2017 - 2021 Five Year Plan . Committee activities include assuring that Council resources are utilized to work toward the implementation of the Plan's goals and objectives. 

Chair:  Melissa Mannix  

Ad Hoc CO-CANDO Committee 

The Colorado Developmental Disabilities Council created its ad hoc Autism Committee on September 22, 2010, in response to a Senate Joint Resolution (SJR10-027) and a recommendation from its Legislative & Public Policy Committee that the Council oversee the implementation of the recommendations of the Colorado Autism Commission. The committee has been renamed as CO-CANDO (Colorado Collaborative for Autism and Neurodevelopmental Options). The CANDO website offers current information about CO-CANDO, its work and outcomes.

Council Representatives:

Jeanette Cordova

Sandra Friedman